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In the dynamic world of retail, especially grocery stores and supermarkets, the right refrigeration can make a big difference.

Our MBF Series and ESL Series lines are not just simple refrigerators - they are the key to ensuring that your products are kept in optimal conditions, attracting customers with their freshness and quality.

Why Collaborate with Us?

Maximized Storage in Small Space: Our refrigerators are designed to provide the most storage space in a compact footprint, perfect for retail environments where every inch counts.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient: Committed to supporting sustainability, our products use environmentally friendly Freon (R600a, R290), reducing energy costs and your store's carbon footprint.

Unrivaled Temperature Accuracy: Ensure the freshness and safety of your products with our high-precision temperature control, vital in a retail setting to maintain consistent quality.

Durable and Easy to Maintain: Built to last with high quality stainless steel, our refrigerators are not only robust but also easy to clean, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Automated Features for Ease of Use: From automatic defrost to self-closing doors, our features are designed to increase efficiency and convenience in a busy retail environment.

Revolutionize your Grocery Store with Atosa High Performance Professional Refrigerators

Do you face challenges in keeping perishables fresh and ensuring an optimal temperature in your grocery store?

Atosa professional refrigerators are engineered for excellence, offering constant cooling and advanced temperature control to keep perishables fresher for longer, ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing waste.

Maximize Space and Efficiency with Atosa's Latest Generation Cold Tables

Struggling with limited space and inefficient cold storage solutions in your supermarket?

Our cold tables are designed for space optimization and efficiency. They offer ample storage space, keeping your products perfectly chilled, making them ideal for busy grocery stores and supermarkets.

Seamless Shopping Experience: Atosa Refrigerators Improve Store Layout and Accessibility

Is your store layout hindering customer experience and accessibility?

Atosa refrigerators integrate perfectly into any store arrangement, enhancing the shopping experience. Their ergonomic design ensures easy access to products, leading to a more satisfied customer base

Cut Costs, Not Quality: Energy Efficient Refrigeration Solutions For Your Business

Are you concerned about rising energy costs and their impact on your bottom line?

Our refrigeration solutions are not only powerful, but also energy efficient. Enjoy lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint without compromising quality and performance.

Contact us now to explore our range and find the perfect solution for your business needs!

Elevate your grocery store or supermarket with Atosa's state-of-the-art refrigeration technology.

Refrigerators, freezers and refrigerated display cases

For Small Retail Spaces (Food Stores and Supermarkets)

【Seria MBF】Frigider Profesional cu o Ușă Mare (670L) - Atosa Romania

Professional Refrigerator with one Door 670L

A compact solution that offers ample storage space, suitable for small retail spaces that require efficient refrigeration.

【Seria ESL】Vitrină Frigorifică de 1,2m Pentru Pregătirea Pizzei - Atosa Romania

Refrigerated showcase of 1.2m

Ideal for limited spaces, offering a capacity of 32L, perfect for displaying ready-to-eat food and drinks.

Professional Equipment

For Medium Size Retail Spaces (Food Stores and Supermarkets

【Seria MBF】Frigider Profesional cu 2 Uși (670L) - Atosa Romania

Professional Refrigerator with 2 Doors (670L)

It balances space and capacity, ideal for medium-sized retail stores that want to maximize product exposure while conserving space.

【Seria ESL】Vitrină Frigorifică de 1,6m Pentru Pregătirea Pizzei - Atosa Romania

1.6m Refrigerated Showcase For Pizza Preparation

With a capacity of 48L, this unit is great for a variety of products, fitting comfortably into medium-sized spaces

Professional Equipment

For HoReCa Businesses with Large Spaces:

【Seria ESL】Vitrină Frigorifică de 1,8m Pentru Pregătirea Pizzei - Atosa Romania

1.8m Refrigerated Showcase For Pizza Preparation

A large-scale solution for displaying a variety of items, ensuring they are kept at optimal temperatures for customer satisfaction.

【Seria MBF】Frigider Profesional cu 2 Uși Mari (1,240L) - Atosa Romania

Professional Refrigerator with 2 Large Doors (1,240L)

It offers a large storage capacity, ideal for large supermarkets that require extensive refrigeration for a wide range of products.

Reliable, Customized Refrigeration Solutions for Food Stores and Supermarkets

Do you need refrigeration solutions that can withstand the demanding environment of a busy supermarket?