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At the heart of every successful HoReCa business is the cornerstone of efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly refrigeration.

Our MBF Series and ESL Series product lines are designed to not only meet, but exceed your refrigeration expectations.

Improve your HoReCa Business with Atosa Latest Generation Professional Refrigerators

Are you facing problems with the efficiency and reliability of commercial refrigerators in your business?

Discover Atosa professional refrigerators, designed to maximize efficiency and reliability in your kitchen. Say goodbye to food waste and inconsistent cooling.

Effortless Integration: How Atosa Refrigerators Fit Perfectly Into Your Kitchen Workflow

Frustrated by kitchen equipment that disrupts your workflow?

Atosa professional refrigerators are designed to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen setup, improving workflow efficiency and reducing stress in high-pressure environments.

Exceptional Quality, Unbeatable Prices: Why Atosa is the Smart Choice for HoReCa Professionals

Looking for high quality professional fridges without spending a fortune?

Atosa offers the perfect combination of quality and affordability. Our products are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Energy Efficiency Redefined: Save Costs with Atosa's Green Refrigeration Solutions

Are you concerned about rising energy costs and the impact on the environment?

Atosa is committed to sustainability. Our fridges and cold tables are not only energy efficient, reducing operational costs, but also environmentally friendly, minimizing your carbon footprint.

Contact us today and take the first step towards efficiency and excellence in your HoReCa business!

Are you ready to transform your kitchen with professional Atosa refrigeration solutions?

Professional Equipment

For HoReCa Businesses with Small Spaces:

Table Freezer with 2 Doors

Compact yet spacious, it's perfect for small cafes or bistros, fitting easily under counters or in limited spaces.

Refrigerated showcase of 1.2m

Ideal for displaying ready-to-eat products or beverages, increasing customer appeal in small spaces such as boutique cafes.

Professional Equipment

For HoReCa Businesses with Medium Size Spaces:

Refrigerated Table (Cold) with 3 Glass Doors

Offering a larger storage capacity, this unit is suitable for medium-sized restaurants and cafes, providing ample space for a variety of ingredients.

Professional Refrigerator with a Large Door (670L)

A versatile and efficient option, offering significant storage capacity without overwhelming medium-sized kitchens.

Professional Equipment

For HoReCa Businesses with Large Spaces:

1.8m Refrigerated Showcase For Pizza Preparation

It is excellently suited for large-scale restaurants or buffets, offering an extensive space for displaying a wide range of culinary creations.

Professional Refrigerator with 2 Large Doors (1,240L)

It is excellently suited for large-scale restaurants or buffets, offering an extensive space for displaying a wide range of culinary creations.

Choose our refrigeration solutions and embrace the combination of technology, efficiency and sustainability.

Invest in a partnership that understands and responds to the dynamic needs of the HoReCa industry.