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Cold pizza table - The complete guide to choosing the best equipment!

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Whether you're an aspiring pizzaiolo or an established master of the culinary art, the key to making an unforgettable pizza lies in choosing the right equipment. The purpose of this article is not only to light your way to success, but to turn your kitchen into a true pizzeria scene .

On our journey, we'll take a look at a variety of tools – from pizza coolers and pizza ovens , to lesser-known but equally crucial tools like pizza peels and screens . We'll explore how each piece of professional equipment contributes to creating that irresistible-flavored pizza and share tips for effective use and maintenance .

Fear not if you don't have a full arsenal of pizzeria equipment on hand, because we've also got a set of budget-friendly alternatives lined up. So get ready to share the secrets to sublime pizza , regardless of your experience level or resources from the endowment.

Cold pizza meal

Essential equipment for pizza preparation.

When it comes to the art of making a truly authentic pizza , essential equipment can make the difference between a fluffy and crispy top and one that... let's be honest, would be better suited as a frisbee. To start the journey into the world of pizza making , there are a few pieces of resistance without which a pizzeria, professional or amateur, cannot function:

  1. The pizza table - The heart of the operations, a durable stainless steel table that can withstand the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and offer a generous space for kneading the dough. Top options include the Frenox cold pizza preparation table or pizza preparation tables with space for stainless trays .

  2. The Oven - Whether it's an electric, gas, or traditional wood-burning oven, it needs to be able to reach high temperatures to bake your pizza to perfection.

  3. Pizza Tools - From pizza peels to pizza pans and pan racks , these tools are vital to efficient pizza handling and baking.

  4. Screens and pizza plates - Used to ensure even heat distribution and precise baking. Pizza tunnel or induction hobs are options to consider for those who take this art seriously.

In order not to turn the joy of making pizza into an adventure with an unfortunate ending, remember to keep the equipment clean and well maintained. So, embrace your culinary adventure with the right equipment and prepare to face any pizza and bread !

Budget alternatives

Don't worry if your arsenal doesn't include the latest professional pizza equipment . There are budget-friendly alternatives lurking right in your kitchen. For example, instead of an expensive pizza refrigerator , you can simply use your home refrigerator to keep the dough and ingredients fresh .

  • Combi pizza tables can be replaced with a clean work surface and a wooden or marble cutting board .

  • For baking pizza, a well-heated cast iron pan in the oven can mimic the effect of an electric pizza or a granite pizza top .

  • Cold pizza tables are a luxury, but a simple worktop can work just as well with a little creativity and organization.

Even though they are quieter and more efficient , the top tools can be substituted with more affordable tools that require a little ingenuity. Learn to make the most of them to improve your pizzaiolo skills and create a cold pizza that will be a hit even without breaking the bank.

Cold pizza meal

Understanding the different types of cold pizza meals

Choosing a cold pizza table is like selecting the perfect canvas for a culinary masterpiece. Whether you prefer a top that's crisp on the edges and fluffy in the center or thin as an autumn leaf, the right equipment is the key to success. In the vast world of pizza bases, we have three main protagonists: stainless steel, granite and combi.

  • Stainless Steel - Ideal for those looking for durability and efficiency. The stainless steel worktops are chef-friendly and easy to clean, ensuring exemplary cleanliness and hassle-free maintenance .

  • Granite - Granite pizza tops are a top choice for pizzaiolo, providing a stable surface that helps with even baking. It is an investment in durability and adds a touch of elegance to the workspace.

  • Combi - A versatile solution, the combi pizza table adapts to the varied needs of pizzerias, combining refrigeration spaces, hot tables or refrigerated display cases for maximum functionality in a single space .

By understanding the differences between these types of bases, you can choose the equipment that will turn each pizza into a work of culinary art. Whether it's a freezer table, pizza preparation or a simple baking sheet , every piece counts in the architecture of your authentic taste.

Cold pizza meal

Recommended products

  • Pizza Dough Mixer - An essential piece of equipment for any pizzaiolo, a professional mixer can save you time and ensure consistent, well-kneaded pizza dough. Look for models that offer multiple functions and adjustable speeds.

  • Pizza Ovens - Whether you prefer an electric pizza oven for efficiency or a granite top oven for even heat distribution, the options are varied.

  • Pizza handling tools - The pizza paddle is a key tool for safe and efficient pizza handling, and the stainless steel screens and trays ensure perfect baking.

  • Stainless steel work tables - From stainless preparation tables to stainless steel cupboard tables , the importance of a hygienic and resistant surface cannot be underestimated. Opt for stainless steel tables with shelves for extra storage space.

  • Refrigeration equipment - Keep the ingredients at the ideal temperature with the help of a pizza ingredient showcase or a pizza refrigerator adapted to the needs of your space.

Investing in quality products will not only improve the taste and texture of the pizza, but also increase the efficiency of the preparation process. In addition to these top-notch equipment, don't forget the importance of cleanliness and maintenance to ensure long-lasting functionality. Whether you're looking for efficiency or design, our wide range of products will help you find the perfect options for any budget, from dishwashers to stainless steel dishwashers . Now, with some recommended equipment and an expert hand, you're ready to conquer the world of pizza!

Tips for optimal results

In order to achieve results at the level of a famous pizzeria, it is essential to keep in mind a few key suggestions . First of all, the equipment design you choose must suit the specific needs of your kitchen space and workflow. For example, opting for a frenox pizza preparation freezing table or a suspended stainless steel cabinet , you will maximize the efficiency and functionality of the space.

  • Choose quality utensils such as baking trays and stainless baking trays to ensure even heat distribution.

  • Invest in stainless steel work tables with a shelf to increase organization and hygiene.

  • To maintain the optimal temperature of the ingredients, consider purchasing a cold refrigerator or a cold table .

  • Using an induction hob can provide precise temperature control, ideal for preparing certain types of pizza.

Second, functionality and durability are imperative; a stainless steel construction of the equipment ensures resistance and ease of cleaning. Last but not least, regular equipment maintenance, such as washing glasses and dishes or emptying bags , extends their life and maintains their performance. Combine these tips with your passion for pizza, and you're on your way to conquering the culinary world, one tasty slice at a time!

In conclusion

Now that we've explored the essential pizza equipment arsenal together, let's recap the importance of each utensil on the road to pizza mastery. From the stainless steel refrigerator , perfect for keeping the dough at the ideal temperature, to the frenox pizza preparation freezer that ensures the freshness of the ingredients, all these tools contribute to the creation of a dream pizza. Remember, whether you opt for a granite pizza top or a stainless steel worktop , each choice influences the final texture and taste.

For those who are just starting out or don't have a generous budget, the alternative pizza accessories and home kitchen utensils can be helpful, bringing a ray of hope in cleaning and maintenance , efficiency and functionality . Taking inspiration from classic or innovative recipes , and equipping yourself with passion and knowledge, you will be able to bring a touch of the magic of pizzerias directly into your own home. So, dare to dream of the perfect pizza and let yourself be guided by our recommendations to turn this dream into reality!