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How to choose the right cold table for preparing pizza

The first step in choosing a refrigerated table is to determine the available space in your kitchen. This is a dance between the physical dimensions of the space and the operational needs. A table that is too large can crowd the workspace, while one that is too small can mean that essential ingredients are out of reach when the flame of creativity burns brightest.

An optimal refrigerated table for pizza is more than just a refrigerator - it is a command center for the art of pizzeria. With a generous work surface, refrigerated storage for toppings and dough, and quick accessibility, it can make the difference between a good pizza and a great one.

Just like a chef laying out his ingredients before starting to cook, an effective introduction to the art of choosing the perfect pizza counter is essential. We will develop here how the material from which the table is made can have an impact on the quality and efficiency with which you will be able to prepare your delicious creations.

  • Ventilated stainless steel : It's like the Superman of refrigerated table materials – almost indestructible, cleans in a flash and looks that screams professionalism.

  • Cabinet type stainless steel : Provides additional storage space under the preparation area, so everything you need is close at hand and well organized.

  • 700mm depth : Provides enough space to work without having to juggle ingredients like a circus performer.

  • Legs are adjustable : Height adjustable legs to suit any mood, whether tall like a basketball player or short like a bonsai master.

Speaking of hygiene, a professional refrigerated table for HORECA must be a fortress against bacteria – an easy-to-wipe stainless steel fortress that allows you to keep a clean and orderly work environment. And, of course, it must be equipped with an efficient cooling system to keep the ingredients fresh and ready for action. So, when you choose a cold refrigerated table , make sure that the material meets all these requirements, to become the solid foundation of your business.

In any professional kitchen, whether we are talking about a pizza business or a restaurant with a diversified menu, a refrigerated table becomes the heart of culinary operations. So the importance of a strong introduction to the choice of refrigeration equipment cannot be underestimated.

  • The correct choice of the material of the refrigerated table , such as stainless steel , ensures durability and easy cleaning, which is crucial in maintaining hygiene standards.

  • Additional functions, such as temperature regulation and quick freezing, are the cornerstones for making the best quality pizza , allowing the ingredients to retain their freshness and taste.

  • The stability and durability of a mesa frigorifica , provided with a rim or with a uniform cooling system, contributes to the longevity of the equipment and the constancy of its performance.

Before proceeding to the order , consider the dimensions of the refrigerated table, the customization options with drawers or doors and, last but not least, the ratio between quality and price . A product that offers easy transportation and installation can save additional time and resources.

How to choose the right refrigerator for preparing pizza

Order an efficient refrigerated table from atosa

When it comes to choosing a refrigerated table for pizza preparation, whether it's a top restaurant or your own kitchen, efficiency and affordability are two watchwords. In the search for the perfect product, Atosa presents itself as a reliable partner, hosting a varied range of refrigerated tables that satisfy any need and fit in any space.

It's not just a matter of keeping ingredients cold, but doing so with maximum efficiency. The latest generation technology, embraced by Atosa , ensures a uniform cooling system, vital for keeping pizza dough and ingredients fresh. Moreover, the electronic temperature control allows precise adjustment so that each product is kept at the optimal conditions for it.

  • Modern design: The refrigerated tables available on Atosa are not only utilitarian, but also design pieces that can harmoniously complement the aesthetics of any commercial or domestic space.

  • Advanced features: From intelligent cooling systems to touch control panels, each model is designed to ease the culinary process and save energy.

  • Versatility: Regardless of the size of the space or the volume of food prepared, there is a solution for everyone at Atosa.

1. The benefits of an efficient refrigerated table

When it comes to making pizza , every detail counts, and the quality of the ingredients is essential for a tasty finished product. Therefore, choosing an efficient refrigerated table is an important step in ensuring quality. A refrigerated table is not just a simple cooling device, but a vital refrigeration equipment that offers a number of tangible advantages for any culinary or household business.

  • Cooling System: The basis of any efficient refrigerator, the cooling system ensures that pizza ingredients are kept at optimal temperatures. A modern stainless steel refrigerator has an even cooling system that prevents the formation of zones of different temperatures inside - this means that your cheese, sauce and toppings will stay fresh and ready to use at any time.

  • Electronic temperature control: Benefiting from the latest technology, many refrigerated tables come equipped with an electronic control panel that allows precise temperature adjustment. This function is essential to ensure that every ingredient retains its optimal properties, from delicate foods like arugula leaves to delicate sauces.

  • Modern design and advanced functions: A refrigerated table must not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. Materials such as stainless steel provide a hygienic and durable surface that is easy to maintain, while functions such as automatic defrosting and LED lighting add convenience and efficiency.

  • Ergonomics and storage space: An efficient refrigerated table is designed with user comfort in mind. You can find models with varying heights and depths, for example with a depth of 700 mm , which integrate perfectly into the work space, making it more ergonomic and accessible.

Adding to these features, a professional refrigerated table for HORECA contributes to the optimization of commercial activity by improving work flow and saving space. In the middle of a crowded kitchen, every centimeter counts, and a refrigerated space with floors and provided with 4 glass doors , for example, can make the difference between chaos and efficiency.

2. How to choose the right measure for your needs

When it comes to equipping your space, whether it's a home kitchen or a commercial space , choosing the right refrigerated table can prove to be an art. Available sizes vary significantly and the choice depends on many variables. Let's turn our attention to some essential criteria that will guide you towards the optimal option.

  1. Set a budget before you start your search. In today's market, refrigerated tables come in a wide range of prices, reflecting the diversity of their functions and qualities. It is important to have a clear idea of ​​the amount you are willing to invest.

  2. Evaluate the available space . Carefully measure the place where you want to place the table and consider the circulation you need to ensure around it. If space is limited, opt for a compact model with one door ; instead, for a more generous space, a refrigerated table with two doors and a depth of 700 mm might be ideal.

  3. Check the technical specifications of the units. Things like cooling power , integrated timer and thermometer , as well as features like automatic defrost are details that count for efficiency and ease of use.

  4. Make sure the model you choose offers an adequate cooling system for the types of products you want to store.

  5. Check out the additional features - an electronic temperature control can help you maintain constant conditions, and an LED lighting system improves visibility and reduces energy consumption.

  6. Review the technical support offer and warranty details. These can be indicators of the confidence you can have in the durability and reliability of the product.

Let's not forget aesthetics - the design of a stainless steel refrigerator table can add a touch of professionalism and elegance to your space. In addition, materials such as stainless steel are known for their durability and ease of cleaning, essential aspects in maintaining rigorous hygiene.

  • Compare features and prices on Atosa and other platforms to find the best value for money.

  • Check reviews and recommendations from trusted sellers to make sure you're investing in quality gear.

3. Key features of Atosa refrigerated tables

When it comes to perfecting your commercial or home kitchen, an efficient refrigerated counter is a centerpiece. More than a simple storage place, a cold table from Atosa combines functionality with technology, ensuring optimal conditions for the preservation of the fresh ingredients needed in the preparation of pizza.

  • Cooling system : Uniformity is the watchword when it comes to cooling. Atosa tables are equipped with cooling systems that distribute the temperature evenly throughout the unit, ensuring constant cold refrigeration and avoiding overheating.

  • Electronic temperature control : To maintain the perfect taste and texture of pizza dough, precise temperature control is essential. That is why many of the available models have electronic control panels, which allow easy setting of the desired temperature.

  • Modern and ergonomic design : Kitchen space is a precious resource, and a professional table must be not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The models from Atosa promise an ergonomic construction, with clean lines and quality materials, such as stainless steel , which are easy to maintain and clean.

  • Generous storage capacity : Whether you need a freezer table or a cold table with a standard depth of 700 mm , Atosa offers solutions for all requirements, from models with one door to two-door, tiered and drawer models.

  • Advanced functions : Some models bring extras such as automatic defrosting or LED lighting systems, which improve the user experience and make the work process more efficient.

  • Technical support and warranty : Atosa understands the importance of after-sales support, offering specialized technical support and extended warranties for all products in the refrigeration equipment range. This approach helps protect the long-term investment and provides peace of mind that the equipment will perform at optimal parameters.

By choosing a stainless steel refrigerator table from Atosa, you benefit from a combination of energy efficiency and durability. This is where state-of-the-art technology and design meet to offer complete solutions that meet the needs of the dynamic HORECA sector or the requirements of a modern householder.

How to choose the right refrigerator for preparing pizza

Choosing the ideal sizes

When it comes to efficiency in the kitchen, choosing the right pizza counter can be just as important as choosing quality ingredients. Whether you're just starting out in the culinary industry or looking to upgrade your equipment, finding the perfect size to fit your space and needs is crucial.

Options range from compact one-door models , ideal for tight spaces, to more spacious two-door versions , which offer generous space for storing a larger amount of food. In addition, a standard depth of 700 mm ensures that the refrigerated table will fit harmoniously into most kitchen designs without compromising work space.

  • Advanced features : In addition to size, advanced features such as automatic defrost and LED lighting system are essential for efficiency and energy saving. Automatic defrosting prevents ice build-up, ensuring an optimal environment for food preservation.

  • Efficient and hygienic preservation : A well-sized and properly equipped refrigerated table allows you to keep ingredients at an ideal temperature, which contributes to prolonging their durability and maintaining hygiene standards.

In order to find the perfect size for your space, it is recommended to consider both the workload and the configuration of the preparation area. This will help you maximize workflow efficiency and ensure efficient and hygienic food preservation .

The advantages of a refrigerated table for commercial activities

Professional refrigerated tables are not only cooling equipment, but also a reliable ally in saving space and optimizing work flow in commercial kitchens.

With a smart design, these tables combine the work surface needed to prepare ingredients with the cooling space to keep them at the optimal temperature. Basically, it streamlines space by eliminating the need to have multiple separate units for refrigeration and preparation. Not to mention, having everything at your fingertips saves valuable time that can be used to serve more customers or refine pizza recipes.

  • Reducing travel time between the refrigerator and the work area

  • Improving efficiency by centralizing training activities

  • Maintaining the freshness of ingredients by keeping them at the proper temperature

For example, a professional refrigerated table may have dedicated sections for the pizza topping, vegetables, sauces and cheeses, all properly chilled. This not only helps to preserve the quality of the ingredients, but also to ensure strict compliance with food safety regulations. Furthermore, a well-organized refrigerated counter can reduce the risk of cross-contamination, an essential aspect of food preparation.