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【EPF Series】Double Glass Door Undercounter Fridge


Series EPF: Redefining Efficiency with the 2-Glass Door Refrigerator Table

Elegant Design and Functional Build

Glass Door Elegance: The Series EPF refrigerator table features two stylish glass doors, combining aesthetics with practicality. This design not only allows for easy viewing of contents but also adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen or commercial space.

Stainless Steel Durability: With a robust stainless steel worktop, this unit is not just about looks but also about enduring quality. It's designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining its sleek appearance.

Optimized Storage and Performance

Spacious Interior with Pre-Installed Shelves: Boasting a 280L capacity and six pre-installed shelves, this refrigerator table is tailor-made for efficiency. It accommodates GN trays and provides ample space for a variety of storage needs.

Precise Temperature Control: With a temperature range of -2ºC to 8ºC, managed by digital controls, this unit ensures your items are stored at the optimal temperature, enhancing food safety and quality.

Eco-Friendly Technology and User-Friendly Features

R600a Freon: The Green Choice: Environmentally conscious and efficient, the use of R600a Freon signifies a commitment to sustainability without compromising on cooling power.

Ventilated Cooling for Consistency: The ventilated cooling system ensures an even distribution of cold air, keeping all items uniformly chilled and fresh.

Security, Convenience, and Easy Maintenance

Built-in Locking Mechanism: Security is a top priority, and the Series EPF delivers with an integrated locking system to safeguard your contents.

Ease of Cleaning and Access: The 90º door opening and magnetic door seals make it effortless to access and maintain the unit, ensuring hygiene and convenience in every use.

  • 6 Pre-installed Shelves
  • Fits GN Pans
  • Comes with Wired Mid Shelf
  • Overall Dimensions (W x D x H): 1365 mm x 700 mm x 850 mm
  • Capacity: 280 L
  • -2 ºC to 8 ºC
  • Eco-Friendly R600a
  • Easy to clean
  • Door Can Be Kept Open at 90º Position
  • Lock Fitted
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Ventilated Cooling
  • Digital Controller
  • Top Optional Temperature Display
  • Stainless Steel
  • Magnetic Door
  • 220-240V/50Hz/1PH
  • 1/5 HP • 1.5 Amp

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