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ATOSA Refrigerator: The Choice of Professionals in the Food Industry!

The food industry is based on efficiency and safety, and choosing the right equipment, such as refrigerated cabinets, plays a critical role in the process of delivering fresh and safe food.

In this article, we will explore the ATOSA range of refrigerated cabinets and provide practical advice for food industry professionals to make informed choices. We will reveal the advantages of ATOSA refrigerated cabinets and answer frequently asked questions to guide you in making the right decisions.

ATOSA Refrigerator - The Choice of Professionals in the Food Industry

ATOSA Refrigerator: Expertise in Food Refrigeration

ATOSA refrigerated cabinets have a long history in the food industry and are recognized for their exceptional performance in keeping food at optimal temperatures.

Superior Performance

ATOSA is synonymous with superior performance. With advanced cooling technology, these cabinets keep food at precise temperatures, ensuring freshness and safety.

Durability and Reliability

Construction quality is an essential aspect of ATOSA cabinets. They are built to withstand the constant wear and tear of the food industry and are extremely reliable.

Wide Range of Options

The food industry needs varied solutions, and ATOSA offers a diverse range of refrigerated cabinets , from small to large models, to meet the needs of every professional.

Refrigerated Cabinets with Double Doors

ATOSA double door refrigerated cabinets are an ideal solution for larger spaces in the food industry. They feature two doors, which gives them extra storage capacity and efficient food organization.

With two doors that open independently, these cabinets allow easy access to food and allow it to be organized in a more orderly manner. This feature is especially valuable in busy commercial kitchens where fast and efficient food handling is required.

ATOSA double door cabinets come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or food production facility, these cabinets provide the space you need to store and keep food safely at appropriate temperatures.

The superior performance of ATOSA cooling systems ensures that the temperature inside the cabinet remains constant, maintaining the freshness of food and preventing the risk of spoilage. Choose an ATOSA double door refrigerated cabinet to ensure you always have enough space and efficiency in your commercial kitchen.

We are pleased to introduce the MBF Series, a large 2-door freezer that stands out for its generous capacity and outstanding cold storage performance. With a robust design and a whopping 1240 liter capacity, this freezer is truly a giant in the world of food storage, providing an excellent solution for commercial kitchens and food storage facilities.

Its generous dimensions of 1314mm x 805mm x 2065mm and 8 shelves make it a true efficient storage space capable of handling large storage needs. Whether you're dealing with a busy restaurant or a large catering facility, this freezer will serve you with ease.

With an ultra-low temperature range of -22ºC to -17ºC, this freezer is designed to keep food in ideal conditions, maintaining its freshness and quality for the long term.

For those concerned about the environment, this freezer uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant, providing efficient cooling and meeting modern environmental standards. Precise temperature control ensures that food is stored in optimal conditions for safety and quality.

Constructed of stainless steel, this freezer is not only durable but also easy to maintain, withstanding the demands of heavy use. With an automatic defrost cycle, it offers you easy maintenance without manual efforts.

The self-closing magnetic door feature increases energy efficiency by preventing cold air loss and maintaining constant internal temperatures. cETL certified, this freezer has successfully passed rigorous tests, assuring you of its reliability and performance.

With impressive technical specifications and user-oriented features, ATOSA's MBF Series is the perfect choice for food industry professionals looking for a large, efficient and reliable freezer for food storage.


Refrigerated Cabinets with One Large Door

Refrigerated cabinets with one large door are an excellent solution for smaller spaces in the food industry. They are designed to save space and facilitate quick access to food, making them ideal for commercial kitchens with limited space.

With only one opening door, these fridges take up less space compared to double door models. This is especially important in small kitchens or spaces where space optimization is essential.

Although they have only one door, these cabinets offer enough storage space for food and allow for efficient organization of food. The interior shelves are designed to maximize the available space so you can store a variety of food items in an orderly manner.

The excellent cooling performance of ATOSA refrigerators also applies to models with one large door. They maintain a constant temperature inside, thus ensuring the freshness and safety of the food. With precise temperature control, you can be confident that your food is kept to food safety standards.

ATOSA large single door refrigerated cabinets are a smart choice for food industry professionals who want to save space and have quick access to the food they need to prepare and serve customers.

We proudly present the MBF series, a top freezer with one door that impresses with its robust cooling power. With a compact design and an impressive capacity of 670 litres, this model is a true champion of space efficiency, suitable for both small-scale and large-scale operations.

Its practical dimensions of 730mm x 805mm x 2065mm make it a perfect fit in any commercial kitchen space. With the 4 shelves, you can organize and manage food efficiently, keeping it fresh and safe.

This freezer maintains extreme temperatures between -22ºC and -17ºC, making it ideal for preserving a wide range of products, from delicate food items to robust ingredients. With precise temperature control, you can rely on it to maintain the quality standard and food safety.

For those concerned about the environment, this freezer uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant, combining cooling power with environmental responsibility. The self-closing magnetic door feature contributes to efficiency by preventing cold air loss and maintaining a stable internal environment.

Constructed of stainless steel, this freezer is not only stylish but also durable and easy to clean. With an automatic defrost cycle, you can maintain it without manual efforts.

To assure you of quality and reliability, this freezer has undergone rigorous testing and is cETL certified, attesting to its safety and excellence in performance. With impressive technical specifications and user-friendly features, ATOSA's MBF series is the perfect choice for those looking for efficiency and reliability in food storage.


Advanced Control Options

ATOSA offers a range of advanced control options, including programmable digital thermostats, to ensure that the food stored in their refrigerated cabinets is kept at ideal temperatures.

One of the essential aspects of keeping food fresh is the ability to precisely control the temperature inside the refrigerator. The programmable digital thermostats offered by ATOSA allow the temperature to be adjusted and programmed according to your specific needs. This feature gives you total control over your food storage environment and allows you to ensure a constant and appropriate temperature for your food products.

With programmable digital thermostats, you can easily set the optimal temperature according to the type of food stored in the refrigerator. For example, for meat or dairy products, you can set a lower temperature, while for fresh vegetables and fruits you can opt for a slightly higher temperature. This flexibility allows you to preserve food quality and avoid the risk of spoilage or freezing.

The advanced control options offered by ATOSA are a valuable tool for professionals in the food industry, as they ensure optimal food storage conditions and help maintain their freshness. With the help of programmable digital thermostats, you will be able to efficiently manage food stocks and always serve high-quality dishes to your customers.

ATOSA Refrigerator - The Choice of Professionals in the Food Industry

How to Choose the Most Suitable ATOSA Refrigerator

The decision to purchase an ATOSA refrigerator must be well informed. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

Space Evaluation

In order to make the right choice of refrigerated cabinet, the first essential step is to carefully assess the space available in your commercial kitchen. Correctly measuring the space will help you decide on the optimal size of the refrigerator so that it fits perfectly in the chosen place.

Here are some important steps you can take in the space evaluation process:

  1. Accurate Measurements: Use an accurate measuring tool, such as a tape measure or a measuring laser, to determine the exact dimensions of the available space. Measure the height, width and depth of the space.

  2. Obstacles and Limitations: Identify any obstacles or limitations that could affect the placement of the refrigerator, such as outlets, windows, doors or other kitchen equipment. Make sure there is enough space for proper cabinet ventilation.

  3. Accessibility: Think about how staff will have access to the fridge and kitchen workflow. Make sure the cabinet door can be opened and closed smoothly and won't create blockages in the kitchen.

  4. Extra Space: Also consider the extra space needed to ensure that you can easily install and maintain the refrigerator.

Once you've completed your space assessment, you'll have a clearer picture of the dimensions you can consider for your walk-in closet. This initial step is essential to ensure you choose a model that fits perfectly into your commercial kitchen and contributes to its efficiency and functionality.

Storage Requirements

In order to make a wise choice of refrigerated cabinet, it is essential to carefully consider the storage needs of your commercial kitchen. This step will help ensure that the cabinet you choose has adequate shelves and space to properly store all the types of food you plan to store.

Here are some important steps you can take in the process of evaluating your storage needs:

  1. Food List: Start by making a detailed list of the types of food you will be storing in your refrigerator. Include perishables such as meat, dairy, vegetables and fruits, as well as other items specific to your commercial kitchen.

  2. Size and Quantity: Determine how much of each type of food you plan to store and how much space will be needed for them. For example, some customers may need a larger cabinet to store large quantities of meat, while others may need extra space for vegetables and dairy products.

  3. Shelves and Organization: Check that the refrigerator you choose has enough and adjustable shelves and compartments to organize your food efficiently. This will help you keep your food organized and easily accessible.

  4. Food Separation: If you have specific food separation needs, such as compartmentalization for foods with specific dietary requirements or to avoid cross-contamination, make sure the cabinet offers these features.

  5. Flexibility: Also think about the flexibility needed over time. Your commercial kitchen may undergo changes based on production requirements or the menu served, so choose a cabinet that can adapt to future changes.

By carefully analyzing your storage needs, you will be able to make an informed selection regarding the right refrigerator. Make sure it provides the space and organization needed to keep food safe and in optimal freshness in your commercial kitchen.

Energetic efficiency

When it comes to choosing a refrigerator, energy efficiency is a crucial factor that you should consider. By opting for energy-efficient models, you will be able to save costs in the long term and help protect the environment.

Here's why it's important to choose an energy-efficient refrigerator:

  1. Cost Reduction: Energy-efficient models use less energy to maintain required temperatures, which translates into lower utility bills. As the cabinet works more efficiently, you'll save money in the long run.

  2. Environmental Impact: More efficient use of energy means lower carbon emissions and a smaller ecological footprint. By choosing an energy-efficient refrigerator, you help protect the environment.

  3. Reliability: Typically, energy-efficient refrigerators are built with advanced technologies that optimize the operation of the equipment. This means they are usually more reliable and require less costly repairs or maintenance.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: In many places, there are strict rules and regulations regarding the energy efficiency of commercial equipment, including refrigerators. By choosing compliant models, you will avoid possible fines or penalties.

When evaluating refrigerator options, look for the energy efficiency label, which provides information on energy consumption and estimated operating costs. The more energy-efficient a cabinet you choose, the more benefits you'll get in terms of cost savings and environmental protection.

ATOSA Refrigerator - The Choice of Professionals in the Food Industry

The advantages of ATOSA Refrigerators

ATOSA refrigerated cabinets come with numerous advantages that make them the perfect choice for professionals in the food industry.

Food safety

Food safety is an absolute priority in the food industry and ATOSA is firmly committed to providing equipment that helps keep food fresh and safe for consumption.

One of the key elements that ensure food safety is the maintenance of constant temperatures inside ATOSA refrigerators. These equipment are designed to keep food at precise and uniform temperatures, thus ensuring that it remains in ideal conditions for consumption.

Here is why food safety is so important in the context of ATOSA refrigerators:

  1. Prevention of Bacterial Growth: Constant temperatures prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in food. This reduces the risk of food poisoning and ensures safe food for your customers.

  2. Preservation of Food Quality: Food stored at appropriate temperatures maintains its quality, texture and taste. This means you can serve customers with high-quality dishes.

  3. Safety Compliance: Many food industry regulators impose strict storage temperature standards to ensure food safety. By using ATOSA refrigerated cabinets, you can be sure that you comply with these regulations.

  4. Increased Customer Trust: When customers know that the food you serve is always fresh and safe, their trust in your business increases. This can lead to customer loyalty and a positive reputation.

ATOSA is dedicated to providing reliable equipment that helps maintain the highest standards of food safety in commercial kitchens. By choosing ATOSA refrigerated cabinets, you can be sure that you are making a choice that prioritizes food safety and quality in serving your culinary preparations.

Energy savings

The energy efficiency of ATOSA cabinets brings with it numerous advantages, including significant energy savings, reduced operational costs and a positive impact on the environment.

One of the main benefits of using ATOSA energy efficient refrigerators is their ability to use less energy to maintain proper interior temperatures. This translates directly into lower operating costs and reduced utility bills for food business owners.

Here are some ways in which energy savings are achieved by using ATOSA refrigerators:

  1. Low Energy Consumption: Advanced insulation technology and efficient cooling systems use minimal amounts of energy to maintain desired temperatures inside the cabinet.

  2. Non-Stop Operation: ATOSA cabinets are designed to operate continuously without requiring frequent shutdowns. This means you use less energy to reach and maintain the optimal temperature.

  3. Optimizing Temperature: Digital thermostats and control systems allow precise temperature adjustment, avoiding overcooling and ensuring that extra energy is not wasted.

  4. Durability: Built for long-lasting performance, ATOSA cabinets require less frequent replacement, saving resources and energy in the production of new equipment.

Saving energy is not only beneficial for your business, but also has a positive impact on the environment. Reducing energy consumption reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps protect natural resources.


The reliability of ATOSA refrigerated cabinets is an essential factor that gives you the peace of mind and confidence that your equipment will work consistently and efficiently, without worrying about failures that could affect your business.

Choosing a reliable refrigerated cabinet is crucial in the food industry, where proper food storage is essential to maintain its quality and safety. Here's why reliability is so important:

  1. Loss Prevention: Equipment failures can lead to the loss of stored food, which means wasted money and precious resources. Reliable ATOSA refrigerated cabinets minimize the risk of these losses.

  2. Continuous Operation: Reliability means that the equipment works without interruption or frequent breaks, which keeps food at the right temperatures and prevents the risk of spoilage.

  3. Customer Trust: Your customers expect to receive fresh, quality food. With reliable refrigerated cabinets, you can meet this expectation and maintain your reputation.

  4. Time and Money Savings: Reliability reduces the need for frequent repairs or equipment replacement, saving you time and money in the long run.

  5. Compliance with Standards: Built to meet strict quality standards, ATOSA cabinets help you comply with food safety and hygiene regulations.

ATOSA refrigerated cabinets are known for their long-lasting performance and outstanding reliability. By choosing this equipment, you can be confident that your food is kept in the best conditions and that your business runs smoothly.

ATOSA Refrigerator: The Wise Choice

ATOSA refrigerated cabinets are certainly a wise choice for professionals in the food industry. With superior performance, durability and a wide range of options, they are ideal for keeping food fresh and safe.